Transportation Management: 3 Examples to Learn From

Transportation management comes with its fair share of challenges, providing a lot of room for growth and learning.

At Lean Cargo Transportation, your McAllen logistics specialists will give you three examples of challenges and solutions that various manufacturers face and what you can learn from them.

Example 1: Steel Manufacturer

Known for its incredible strength and low cost, steel is a critical and valuable asset in the construction industry. Those in the profession know that there are still many challenges that come with transporting this material.

Challenges that a steel manufacturer may face include:

  • Transportation is decentralized from their distribution centers and plants.
  • Scheduling and movements of the trucks are not being managed.
  • Expedited shipping is being used too often.
  • Quality carriers are not being used.

When these challenges arise, solutions a transportation management company may implement the following solutions:

  • Combine systems by using web-based scheduling.
  • Supervise and control carriers.
  • Study Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) reports. These reports are used to track lane analysis, performance, volume trends, and costs.
  • Control the requirements for expedited shipping.

By implementing these solutions, you’ll be able to guarantee on-time shipment and eliminate unnecessary expedited shipments and costs.

Example 2: Consumer Goods Manufacturer

This manufacturer provides goods that consumers use daily, such as food, personal care, and household products. Consumers rely on these products heavily, so it is very important that any challenges that arise are taken care of immediately.

Some examples of challenges a consumer goods manufacturer will have include:

  • Facilities are not accommodating to carriers.
  • Extra costs are being collected during delivery.
  • Scheduling conflicts are causing missed pickups.
  • Substandard handling of LTL freight moves.
  • Shipment status is not available.

Here are the solutions a transportation management team would suggest:

  • Oversee the shipment and delivery of LTL freight moves.
  • Use TMS and EDI systems for better efficiency.
  • Compile KPI monthly reports.
  • Further ongoing research for better enhancements, locations, and shipping consolidation.

By putting those solutions into action, you will shave a big cost off of LTL freight moves and improve your pick-up and delivery times.

Example 3: Industrial Manufacturer

From automotive to pharmaceuticals, industrial manufacturing covers a wide area of products, and demands proper attention to regulations and standards.

A few challenges that an industrial manufacturer may deal with include:

  • No oversight of the logistics process.
  • Transportation management is being done manually.
  • Poor time management for moves aside from inbound and outbound needs.
  • Deadlines are not being met.

Logistics professionals will offer the following solutions:

  • Initiate a purchase order verification protocol.
  • Dedicate a management team for inbound, outbound, and MRO moves.
  • Work to incorporate different modes.
  • Use TMS to gain better control and visibility of your shipments.

These solutions will increase your visibility of loading times, shipments, and deliveries.

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