The Pros and Cons of Drop and Hook Shipping: Is It Right for You?

Shipping is something that most people take for granted, but the truth is that there are all sorts of variables and decisions that go into getting one item from point A to point B. If your business needs to ship cargo, one big question you’ll need to answer is what type of shipping will meet your needs.

One shipping method with considerable advantages is drop and hook. Drop and hook can be a great option for businesses handling high volumes or cargo of small, loose items. 

Keep reading to learn about the advantages and drawbacks of drop and hook shipping from your McAllen logistics company.


What Is Drop and Hook Shipping?

Drop and hook trucking involves truckers picking up and delivering loaded or empty trailers rather than waiting for trailers to be loaded and unloaded. Basically, it means that truckers pick up and deliver entire trailers, rather than partial loads or cargo. After dropping off one trailer, the trucker can pick up a preloaded or empty container without waiting for the cargo they delivered to be unloaded.

In comparison, live load shipping involves having a trucker wait while a warehouse manager loads or unloads the container. After delivering a load, the trucker then takes the empty trailer to a container yard or their next stop.


What Are the Advantages of Drop and Shipping?

If you need to make a shipment for your business, drop and hook shipping might be the way to go. Check out the advantages of drop and hook shipping below:

  • Faster Delivery — Not having to wait for cargo to be unloaded means truckers can make more deliveries with less downtime.
  • Limited Contact — Truckers don’t need to handle the goods they’re delivering, saving time and limiting opportunities for goods to be damaged.
  • Lower Cost — Paying a trucker to wait for their trailer to be loaded and unloaded can be costly, but drop and hook cuts that cost.
  • More Convenient for Drivers — Drivers don’t have to wait on cargo loading and unloading at delivery, avoiding potential delays.

What Are the Drawbacks of Drop and Hook Shipping?

While drop and hook shipping does come with some major advantages, it isn’t right for every business. There are some drawbacks to drop and hook shipping which might make it the wrong choice for your company:

  • Requires Space — Your business will need space for empty and loaded trailers awaiting pickup.
  • No Perishables — Trailers delivered through drop and hook aren’t unloaded right away, so it’s not a good option for perishable goods.
  • Longer Lead Time — Your business will need plenty of warning before a trucker arrives to load a trailer, make space, or acquire an empty trailer for pickup.

Get Drop and Hook Shipping Services From Your McAllen Logistics Company

If you need to consistently make a high number of shipments or your cargo is made up of small, loose goods, drop and hook shipping might be the right option to get your goods where they need to go.

To learn more about drop and hook shipping and whether or not it’s right for your business, you can reach out to McAllen logistics company, Lean Cargo Transportation. We can get your cargo where it needs to go, on time, every time.

Get your shipments where they need to go on time with top-quality drop and hook shipping services in McAllen.