The Biggest Supply Chain Trends of 2022

Every year brings new challenges, changes, and, of course, trends, particularly in the supply chain industry. 

It’s vital to your company’s logistics to know and keep up with these trends to maintain strong financial standing and to stay relevant in the ever-changing marketplace.

As a driving force in the Texas logistics industry, McAllen logistics service provider, Lean Cargo Transportation LLC, keeps track of and works to inform the community of these trends.

Shippers, receivers, 3rd-party brokers, and freight carriers can all benefit if they give these trends thorough consideration. The supply chain industry is all about adaptation to changes in the marketplace, and the better your logistical capabilities can adapt to new situations, the better off your company will be!

2022’s Most Impactful Supply Chain Trends and What You Can Do

  • Improve Sustainability and Reduce Carbon Footprint – As the actor responsible for 50% of industry carbon emissions, the industry of transportation has seen demands by regulators and consumers to reduce its carbon footprint. Utilizing green logistics practices will allow firms in the transportation industry to stay competitive and even grow moving forward.
  • Localize Supply Chain Operations – Today, more and more consumers not only want same-day deliveries, they expect them. This places immense stress on the supply chain at the regional level. The solution to this is to localize supply chain management and rely on local stores or urban fulfillment centers to meet customer demand and expectations.
  • Employ Last-Mile Delivery Systems – Due to the surges in consumer demand, we can see a rise in last mile deliveries (the last leg of a delivery where it finally reaches the consumer). In order to combat high wait times and late/botched deliveries, firms across the supply chain should work together and share information. Transparency to consumers is also a major aspect of these systems.
  • Concentrate on Driver Retention – Without actual drivers to move shipments, deliveries won’t get anywhere — not to warehouses, not to fulfillment centers, and certainly not to the consumer. Invest in your drivers’ well-being through competitive pay, driver incentives, good benefits, and high value in safety. There are plenty of drivers out there, but you must make sure to retain the good ones.
  • Better Forecast Inventory and Delivery Needs – In the era of information, there’s no reason for supply chain operators to work without all the available information. Technology in the industry has elevated to the point that big data lets managers effectively plan out delivery volumes, for example. This in combination with greater localization of the supply chain allows for firms to adapt more quickly to big changes in the marketplace.

Prepare Yourself for the Trends 2022 Continues To Show

Based on what we see in the industry, your company’s logistics would benefit through recognition of these trends and adaptation to align day-to-day operations with them. It’s important to not only stay informed but to utilize that knowledge where it counts.

Lean Cargo Transportation LLC continues to be a leader and one of the top McAllen logistics services for good reason as they monitor these continued trends.

Ensure your company’s 2022 logistics standing is strong and adhere to these trends in an ever-developing industry with advice from the top McAllen logistics service provider, Lean Cargo Transportation LLC!