Speedy, Dependable Delivery

Lean Cargo Transportation was built around the idea of providing the best, most dependable transportation service for businesses in need of interstate and intrastate shipments out of the Rio Grande Valley and beyond. We specialize in identifying opportunities for supply chain improvements, and we can provide exceptional full and partial truckload services for your business.

As a Texas business that thrives on satisfying our client’s needs, we understand how crucial it is to deliver your cargo and products on time. If you need fast, reliable transportation service for all your packages and cargo shipments, don’t hesitate to contact Lean Cargo Transportation today. You can rely on our carrier experts to ship your cargo, safely and efficiently.

Our Hidalgo County Logistics Services

Load Tracking

Gain access to everything you need to know about your shipping information with Load Tracking. With 24/7 access to updates, you’ll know where your cargo is currently with an accurate estimated time of arrival. Track your information through order names, load numbers, BOL’s, PRO’s, PO numbers, dates, destinations, or origin.

Load Tender

Once you place a shipping order for your goods online, Lean Cargo Transportation will be the first one to confirm all the order and shipping information within seconds of completion.

Document Retrieval

In need of handling order receipts for your own records? Our document retrieval will be able to give you all the necessary information for your archives within seconds of logging in.

Rate Quotes

By inserting the origin and destination for your load delivery, we are able to provide you with the most accurate shipping rate before completing your order.

Easy Answer Queries

At Lean Cargo Transportation, you have the power. With a handful of online tools at your fingertips, we are able to answer many of your shipping questions in the most precise, most detailed way possible.

Electronic Bills of Lading

Ditch the paperwork by using our electronic BOL system. All of our bills of lading are in a digital format that does not require our clients to print out on paper.

Electronic Data Interchange

Let us help ease your data entry workload with our most efficient EDI services uniquely tailored in an online, paperless format.

See the Benefits of a Reliable Hidalgo County Freight Company

Hiring a Hidalgo County logistics company or your freight shipping needs can help your business in a wide variety of ways, from preventing loss and navigating customs to ensuring maximum satisfaction for your customers. Trusting in a shipping company can also help you save money and reduce the cost of delivery, allowing you to put those resources towards other projects and needs. You can count on our logistics team to get your shipments from point A to point B, securely and quickly.

Do you have a shipment you need delivered in Texas, Mexico, or elsewhere? You can trust our drivers to get your goods to the door on time.