Methods of Shipping: Expedited – Everything You Need to Know!

If you’re a logistics company or need to ship products in general, then it’s key to know that there are different types of shipping as well as which type works best for you. Successful shipping is critical if you want to maintain a healthy business, so you need to utilize the right option.

In this piece, we’ll discuss expedited shipping. Specifically — how it works, how it’s different from other types, and why you might want to use it.

McAllen logistics service provider, Lean Cargo Transportation, LLC, will explore each of these topics, so you can get the best understanding of expedited shipping as possible. As experts in the logistics industry, we hope to share our knowledge with you!


What Is Expedited Shipping and What Makes It Different?

Expedited shipping is actually a broad term that covers different methods of shipping under the general guideline that they are faster than standard shipping options. Normally, you may expect a shipment to arrive in about a week, but with expedited shipping, it generally arrives in 1-3 days max!

Of course, with the additional speed and priority, the costs of expedited shipping are a little higher than standard options. However, if you need to get a shipment somewhere immediately, then expediting may just be worth the extra costs.

Additionally, expedited shipments are very easy to track as they typically only involve one mode of transportation. This can give all parties involved much-needed peace of mind and can be one of many ways to improve inventory management.

Who Benefits Most From Expedited Shipping?

Now that you understand what makes expedited shipping different, you may be wondering what situations it’s best used in. As stated before, choosing the right method of shipping for the right occasion can make all the difference for your company.

Certain situations where you may want to use expedited shipping include:

  • Emergency or other critical scenarios – Imagine there’s a hospital that needs a shipment of a certain blood type within 24 hours. Expedited shipping can make that happen. While not as life or death, if machinery or other tools necessary for an operation break down and completion is extremely time sensitive, expediting is definitely the right choice.
  • Improve customer relations – One of the best things you can do is create and maintain strong relationships with your customers and the people you work with. One of the best ways to do this is to offer expedited shipping, so the customers get their orders quickly. Remember, if the shipment isn’t on time, problems could arise, so be sure to follow through!
  • Meet deadlines more effectively – Everyone has deadlines, and everyone needs to get their jobs done, punctually. With expedited shipping, you can get ahead of the game and ensure your customer always gets their order on time. In fact, expedited shipping is a great way to help manage inventory because it comes and goes in a timely and expected manner.

Expedited Shipping May Be the Right Choice for You!

If you’re shipping in McAllen or anywhere in South Texas, then you need to be aware of all your options and why expedited shipping is a viable choice. Lean Cargo Transportation, LLC, is always here to answer your logistics questions and do everything in our power to save you time and money!

If you need to ship something fast and guarantee its arrival, then expedited shipping is the right choice for you. Call the best McAllen logistics service provider, Lean Cargo Transportation, LLC, for all your expedited shipping needs!