How Weather Can Affect Cargo Transport and Company Logistics

No matter who you are or where you live, the weather is something that affects various aspects of our lives. Extreme or even inconvenient weather may cause plans to change, and freight delivery is affected by these conditions too.

Cargo transportation and your company’s logistics can be areas where the weather can play an often unpredictable and sometimes costly role. That’s why it’s key to understand that, while uncontrollable, the weather is something logistics services can adapt to.

Lean Cargo Transportation, LLC, one of McAllen’s most experienced logistics services, is here to provide advice on what to do when the weather affects cargo transportation.


Four Ways Weather Can Impact Cargo Transportation

1. Closures and Power Outages – Regardless of the type of weather or natural disaster, there’s usually a good chance that it will affect power lines. This results in power failures as well as disruptions in communication and tracking.

Also, if power is out, then it’s likely a terminal will have to close, leading to more delays.

The best way to prepare for these outcomes is to prepare yourself. Invest in the most advanced transportation management software, and always have a backup plan. If delays are likely, make a plan to pay detention or find an alternate drop-off location.

2. Dangerous Driving Conditions – Whether it’s due to heavy rain, snow, or black ice, a number of weather conditions can lead to delays or outright road closures. It’s important to have a backup plan like with power outages, such as an alternative route.

Even if it adds more time, it’s better than the massive delay a closed road brings. Furthermore, the safety of the driver is always the primary concern. While your team members will be able to adapt to almost any situation, the key is to do so safely.

3. Delays in Deliveries – The most important part of any delivery is, of course, the delivery itself. One of the most important relationships in transportation is that of the carrier and customer, and late deliveries, even those due to circumstances beyond control, can sour that relationship.

The best way to fight this is to stay up to date with not only the weather forecast but the best tracking technology. Be sure you also keep in close contact with the customer and advise as soon as possible if there are any delays.

4. Higher Transportation Costs – Unfortunately, the reality of severe weather conditions is that it can lead to higher expenses for everyone. For example, if a snowstorm has caused a traffic jam, then it’s going to cost additional funds to reach a solution.

Our best recommendation for increased costs of transportation is to have a plan, and be aware of what the weather is like from where you are to where the delivery will go.


Discover How Weather Can Affect Delivery With Lean Cargo Transportation

Though the weather can affect your delivery schedule negatively in a number of ways, McAllen’s Lean Cargo Transportation, LLC, knows exactly what to plan and prepare for when you move your next shipment of cargo.


Bad, hazardous, or otherwise unpredictable weather conditions can result in nightmares for your company’s logistics and delivery schedule. Reach out to Lean Cargo Transportation today to learn how to work around the curveballs nature may throw!