Comparing the Differences Between Parcel Shipping and Pallet Shipping

As a business owner, having your products and goods delivered in a timely manner is crucial to your day-by-day operations.

Whether you are shipping individual products or in bulk, it is crucial to understand the logistics and processes behind cargo delivery so that you can make the right decision.

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That’s why our McAllen logistics experts are here to discuss the key differences between parcel and pallet shipping.

Parcel Shipping vs Pallet Shipping: The Key Differences

Although parcel shipping and pallet shipping (LTL) share similarities, there are major factors that differentiate the two.

1.Parcel Shipping

A parcel is a standard package that typically weighs below 150 pounds. Parcel shipments generally do not require more than one person to transport to the final destination and can be easily shipped within a few days or less.

These packages are usually wrapped in bubble-sheets or heavy-duty paper in order to protect the parcel from any potential damage during the shipment process. Parcels are also generally easy to track online.

Carriers will usually send parcels to a dedicated distribution center, where they are reconsolidated with multiple packages/parcels and loaded onto a delivery truck. However, with so many checkpoints, and processes in the shipping and handling procedures, the risk of a parcel being lost or damaged can significantly increase.

This shipping method best suits those businesses and companies that only ship a select quantity of items.

2.Pallet Shipping (LTL)

Pallet shipping, or LTL, is a shipping process that requires a lot more attention to detail due to the massive size of freights.

These freight packages are heavy, can range in sizes, and generally weigh over 150 pounds.

Once a freight has been palletized, it is a much safer bet that they will reach their destination as they are packaged more precisely and go through fewer designated checkpoints in comparison to parcel shipping.

Once the pallet is ready to go, it will be transported to a designated distribution center where it will be reconsolidated and distributed to the expecting business. This type of shipping method is ideal for businesses and companies who tend to buy or ship in bulk very frequently.

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