Common Shipping Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

It should go without saying that the efficiency of the business world depends on shipping cargo. While minimizing time and costs for partners are at the core of every logistics company, there are components to the operation of the shipping process that businesses should understand in order to improve efficiency on their end. 

If your company relies on moving freight, then it’s important that the execution of that operation is done with speed, precision, and consistency. The pros at Lean Cargo Transportation, LLC, know the ins-and-outs of shipping proficiency. Below, we have outlined some of the major mistakes businesses make in order to help you avoid them and eliminate any unnecessary costs to your business.

Common Shipping Mistakes to Avoid

1. Improper Packaging

Freight that is improperly packed enhances the chances that your shipment can get damaged. On top of this headache, many carriers will refuse to carry your cargo if your goods are not packaged correctly. 

Making sure that your shipment is packed correctly eliminates unnecessary costs and limits liability. If you need guidance on how to properly ship your package, consult your McAllen logistics company, Lean Cargo Transportation, LLC.

2. Erroneous Shipment Weight

If your organization does not have an appropriate scale to weigh heavy cargo, then you may just end up estimating your weight costs, which can be totally off. Partnering with a McAllen logistics company, that employs a certified scale, can help you get the proper weight of your cargo. 

If your shipment has to be re-weighed, the fees can quickly escalate, so make sure that you’re using a proper scale.

3. Incorrect Address

You would be astounded to know how many times cargo gets shipped to the wrong address. Shippers should double-check the address before they send their shipments off, as just one mistaken digit on a zip code can result in driving up the time to track the shipment and greatly increases the chances that your goods wind up at the wrong destination.

4. Inaccurate Freight Class

Companies that desire to ship their freight at the lowest possible class often encounter incorrect class designations, causing a reclassification fee. Carriers rely on freight class to determine how much they should charge, so they will often do their homework to make sure that you have classified your cargo correctly, and will re-classify it if they need to do so.

5. Delivery Receipt

When someone in your organization signs for a package, have them inspect the freight so that they can document any damage before they sign. Failure to do so will often result in making it extremely difficult to recoup for damages sustained in the shipping process.

6. Shipment Services

Knowing your freight’s exact destination and allocating the proper services to your shipment in advance, are essential factors in augmenting effectiveness and efficiency. A great example would be that your cargo requires a lift gate and your terminal doesn’t have one. Thus, the carrier has to provide a lift gate and redeliver the package, which will drive up the fee.

If you’re looking to take your business to the next level, Lean Cargo Transportation, LLC, a McAllen logistics company, can help get you there.

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