A Premier Texas Trucking Company

Since its founding in 2014, Lean Cargo Transportation has exceeded expectations as a premier transportation service in both interstate and intrastate commerce. We’ve dedicated ourselves to providing superior service while keeping up with a rapidly changing market.

With a firm belief in raising the standards for carriers, we maintain a close relationship with our customers and pride ourselves on our reliability. We want to ease our customer’s worries by maintaining total transparency, and we provide tools they can use to monitor the status of their shipment so that business decisions can be made in real-time.

While our headquarters may be located in Hidalgo, Texas, our services reach far across North and Central America.

Upholding the Highest Standards in Transportation Services

Lean Cargo Transportation is committed to adopting the most advanced technologies to ensure our customers receive services that add value and efficiency to their business planning. Our standardized or personalized services are designed based on the needs of our customers, and we fight hard every day to meet those expectations.

Strengthening our customers’ supply chain is a work philosophy that we strive to achieve, and to ensure that services are never interrupted, all of Lean Cargo’s equipment is regularly maintained and in excellent operating condition.

All shipments include GPS tracking to give our customers access to their cargo’s status. We utilize the latest technology not only in GPS satellite tracking, but also in digital surveillance cameras, secured perimeter fences, and security lighting. Our yard is completely gated and monitored by security guards to ensure your products are safe.

See the Benefits of a Streamlined Supply Chain

Through a combination of improved operations, equipment utilization, and on-time delivery, Lean Cargo gives your business the advantage it needs to be competitive. To do this, we search for every opportunity to improve our service, commit to meeting delivery schedules, and provide expert logistical knowledge. We hope to improve your operation, and by doing so, improve your business’s overall effectiveness.

There are many difficulties facing the transportation industry right now (e.g. increased fuel costs, driver shortages, inflation, market uncertainty, etc.). Still, we here at Lean Cargo Transportation have the expertise and dedication you need to overcome those difficulties while providing the highest quality transportation services possible.