4 Tips to Ensure On-Time Shipping for Small Businesses

As a small business owner, it’s crucial for you to ensure that your clients receive products in a timely manner. This not only helps to create satisfied customers, but also drives better results for your business.

Today, your trusted McAllen logistics professionals at Lean Cargo Transportation will go over four valuable tips to ensure on-time shipping for your small business.

When it comes to shipping products, most customers want their items as soon as possible. Part of running a successful company or organization involves meeting customer’s needs in order to uphold a good reputation in the business world.

How To Guarantee On Time Shipping

In the U.S., there are 30.2 million small businesses that account for 99.9% of all businesses in the nation. Delayed shipping can be damaging to companies as it slows down the supply chain and can ruin your relationships with customers.

These tips will help guarantee on-time shipping for your customers:

1. Analyze Internal Processes

There are several different factors that can cause late deliveries. Suppliers, customers, and freight carriers are all parties that can make a delivery late.

Using a transportation management system (TMS) can help you in the planning and coordination of shipping, tracking, and delivering freight. By using a TMS, you can figure out exactly why there are issues in the supply chain.

2. Figure Out How Much Dwell Time is Spent at Your Facility

‘Dwell time’ is how long a driver has to wait at your facility or location. It is important to estimate the amount of dwell time spent because if it is too long, it may force the driver to spend extra time on the road.

When dwell time takes too long, it can sometimes leave a driver not willing to haul your freight. This can result in a bad reputation and other negative effects.

3. Prepare for Busier Times During the Year

It is important to prepare for times where shipping is more than likely going to take longer than usual.

When preparing to ship products during times like the holiday season, it is best to consider that shipping may take longer. That way you can plan ahead to ship out the product earlier than you normally would to ensure that your customers still receive their items on time.

4. Always Inform Customers of a Late Delivery

If you’re looking to gain a customer’s trust, being honest and transparent is key. While being upfront about a late delivery won’t change the fact that the shipment is late, it will more than likely eliminate the negative impact the delay has on your reputation. When businesses are notified that their shipment is going to be late, they are able to let their consumers know as well as prepare for any consequences.

Being a reputable small business means growing the trust of your clientele.

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