3 Major Ways Weather Affects Cargo Transportation

One of the first apps people check on their phones each morning is the weather app. Why is this? Well, the weather controls our day. It determines what we wear, if an outdoor sporting event gets canceled, or if we need to change our route to work. Weather affects us all, and in most cases, is something we have very little control over. Those in the import and export business know this all too well. At Lean Cargo Transportation, your McAllen logistics professionals want to provide you with the facts about weather and how it could possibly affect your cargo transportation.  

1. Creates Hazardous Driving Conditions

No matter the climate or the season, there is always weather that can create a hazardous driving environment. Too much rain can flood the roads and cause your engine to stall. In colder climates, snow and ice can cause the roads to be slick, while also limiting visibility.

Truck drivers are always aware of this possibility and adapt to whatever change it might bring. Ultimately, the main goal is the safety of the driver and the cargo they carry with them.

2. Delays in Transport

One of the most frustrating things to a consumer is being given a date for delivery and then having that delivery be late. In the event of severe weather, there can be crashes, roadblocks, and changes to the scheduled route. Any change of route can push back a transport and, in turn, create a domino effect for other deliveries.

At Lean Cargo Transportation, we provide 24/7 load tracking access. In the event of a delay, you will be notified of your cargo location, as well as any change in the delivery date.

3. Increased Cost of Transportation

Each year, transportation companies lose $3.5 million due to severe weather events. When there is a delay as a result of severe weather, the cost of transport increases.

Extra gas needs to be purchased because of route changes or stalls in traffic. The driver also spends more time on the road, meaning extra pay for their time.

Another major cost in road transportation is vehicle repair. In colder climates, there is a higher likelihood of wrecks caused by snow and ice. Along with that comes hail damage and everyone’s personal favorite – potholes. The damages to the vehicles vary, and the cost of repair increases.

No matter the weather changes, expect a safe and efficient delivery with Lean Cargo Transportation

Knowing the different effects that weather has on cargo transportation is key when it comes to choosing a transportation service provider. If the weather ever becomes an issue with your shipment, you should know the possible effects it could have on your shipment and how to deal with it. You can rest assured knowing that we will provide updates on the status of your shipment if there happens to be a delay due to weather conditions.  

As much as we value the efficiency and speed of our deliveries, safety is just as important.