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Lean Cargo Transportation is a full-service trucking company in Hidalgo, Texas, that delivers fresh produce, building materials, various metals, and other products in both interstate and intrastate commerce. With the demand for trustworthy, strategic transportation companies at an all-time high, we continue to meet the market’s expectations and expand at a rapid pace. You can turn to Lean Cargo Transportation for supply chain solutions.

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Load Tracking

Track your shipments based on their load number, bill of lading (BOL), progressive number (PRO), purchase order number (PO), date, destination, origin, or name.

Load Tender

Fill out all information on your own time to arrange shipments online in minutes. You will receive a confirmation notification letting you know that your load was booked.

Electronic Bills of Lading

Iron out the details of your shipment by creating a bill of lading electronically. No need to worry about printing out any forms! You can ship goods and freight paper-free.


Join our thriving company where we provide necessary over-the-road training, weekly home time, and plenty of other benefits and opportunities.

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We provide a slew of services that aim to get your shipment to its destination on time. Speak with a member of our dispatch team today.

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Lean Cargo Is Your First Choice for Hidalgo Trucking and Transportation

Here at Lean Cargo, we pride ourselves on offering top-in-class logistics services to businesses in Hidalgo and throughout Texas. We can provide you with a custom-tailored proposal to help streamline your supply chain and save you money. With full and partial truckload services, we can help ensure that your shipments are transported as efficiently as possible. When quality and timeliness matter, you need Lean Cargo Transportation. Our Hidalgo group of logistics experts can provide industry-specific services and support.

If you need Hidalgo transportation services, get in touch with Lean Cargo Transportation for a quote.